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I can't access my multi-factor authentication method

Clear a user's multi-factor authentication (MFA) method so it can be set up again, such as if they lost their phone or uninstalled the Microsoft Authenticator app. This won't delete the sign-in method, so users should manage MFA to edit or delete a method after it's cleared.

Required: You need admin permissions to change MFA settings. For more info, see admin roles from Microsoft.
  1. Sign in to the multi-factor authentication page. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Select the check box next to the user having MFA changed.
  3. Under quick steps, select Manage user settings.
  4. Select the Require selected users to provide contact methods again check box.
  5. Select save. The user can now set up MFA again.

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