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Disable comments in WordPress

You can disable comments for your entire WordPress site. If you do not plan to have users comment on your posts and pages, then this is an effective way to help prevent comment spam.

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Go to Settings > Discussion
  3. Locate the Default article settings section
  4. Remove the check from the box next to the line that says, "Allow people to post comments on new articles"
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save Changes.

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SupercoolGuyYoo's Avatar
Disabled comments, but there still showing up.

1 Antworten

Last posted about 4 years ago.

rosben's Avatar

4 Antworten

Last posted over 1 year ago.

Adelbrecht1277's Avatar
Wordpress photo gallery comments in GoDaddy Theme

1 Antworten

Last posted about 3 years ago.

Untangled's Avatar
Temporarily disable Wordpress Website

1 Antworten

Last posted about 2 months ago.

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