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View my IP address

If you have to point your domain to your Managed WordPress site or connect to it with an FTP client, you'll need your site's IP address. Here's how to find the IP address:

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. In your My Products page, next to Managed WordPress, select Manage All.
  3. For the website you want to use, select Settings from the menu icon menu.

    select settings
  4. On the Settings tab and under Production Site, select Show more.
    select show more to expand the list
  5. Locate IP address and then select Copy.
    nest to ip address select copy

More info

  • If you have a domain in a different GoDaddy account that you want to point to your Managed WordPress account, you can Change your A record to this IP address.


kobeey's Avatar
Not able to view new hosting online

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fsdfsdfsdfsdfsd's Avatar
Host blocking my IP address

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Hopeful's Avatar
How are InSight Views calculated?

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ericmoy's Avatar
ip address

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srfntheweb's Avatar
viewing changes to index.html via ip address

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